सोमवार, 10 मई 2010

School Days

Big gang of friends, colourful uniforms,
silly fights for no reason and for some reason ( I bet we all had our shares)
Group photos, and willingness to stand near her/him :),
friendly teachers, not-so-friendly principal
(I think most principals are not so friendly, because nature of their job)
combined studies, studies for hours and no studies ;),

From School Days

never ending P.T. periods
(our pt teacher always find a reason to punish me :( ),
Rocking annual days,
and talk about performances till next annual days,
(my dance on "Mai khiladi tu anadi" song, was remembered for years) ,
Group discussion  on anything & nothing,
who cares what we are discussing, we just want to discuss,

the wait for the ring of lunch hour,
and so many hands in a single lunch box.
some times you over eat and some time you are hungry

boring lessons, super boring weekly tests,
Remarkable marks, terror report cards,
self parent signatures (i bet a lot of ppl have done this)

justified mistakes, childish reasons,
Lovable picnic and tours,
Antakshri all the way,
no winners and those silly romantic songs

school life is just a heaven,
the heaven we have lived,
the heaven we want to live again and again,
we still can't believe that those days are gone,
we want to live all those  moments once again,
we (all, m sure) want to be with our school friends once again,
we want to be innocent once again,
we want to be careless once again
we want those group discussion once again,
those lunch boxes once again,
we just want to live our school life once again,
best friends to remember school life once again...!!!!

School life is simply unforgettable,
and I bet no one can one in their life time can forget the school life, can you?